1. Tasty Kicks!

    Tasty Kicks!

  2. This paint job is unparalleled! 

    This paint job is unparalleled! 

About me

Don't be alarmed, but it is true what they say about men with big feet.....We do indeed wear big shoes. That is, if we can find them!

If you've ever found your perfect pair of shoes only to hear "I'm sorry sir but the largest size we have is a 12", fret no longer. Point 25 Shoes is at your rescue. We're offering Big and Tall dress and casual shoes that range from classics to the newest trends, and any walk of life in between.

As of now, our company is transitioning from crawling to taking our very first steps. If you'd like to take this journey with us, stay tuned to the blog for updates on our website release and all other news and notes. Whether you dream in patent leather, or wingtips are your Achilles Heel (pun intended) we're sure Point 25 Shoes has exactly what you're looking for!

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